These collections contains any material relating to Canada from 1914 to 1918 from either the home front or the battlefront. External links in collection descriptions are either to online attestation papers at Library and Archives Canada or casualty and burial information at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.



Adams, George Walter

George Walter Adams was born in England in 1896. He emigrated to Canada where he lived with his widowed mother in Toronto. He enlisted in Toronto in October, 1916, and served overseas with the 7th Battalion, Canadian Railway Troops. The collection consists of thirteen letters and his diary entries during the war.

Aitken, James Orian

James Orian Aitken was born in Treherne, Manitoba in August, 1895. He was working as a

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school teacher when he enlisted in November, 1916 in Winnipeg, Manitoba with the 76th Battalion. The collection currently consists of one photograph.

Anderson, John Henry

John Henry Anderson was born in Malakwa, British Columbia, Canada in January, 1892. He enlisted at Vernon, British Columbia on July 14, 1915 and served with the 7th Bn. Canadian Infantry (British Columbia Regiment). Anderson was part of the attack at Vimy Ridge and died between April 8th and April 10th, 1917. The collection consists of two letters from Anderson, two letters of condolence following his death, and several photographs. For Anderson's complete service file, click here.

Andrews, Alfred Herbert John

Alfred Herbert John Andrews was born in Qu'appelle Saskatchewan on October 28, 1888. Andrews was a lawyer at the time of the

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war, and enlisted in September, 1914. The collection consists of an extended narrative diary which Herbert Andrews wrote in 1923, based on the diary he had kept from his enlistment in 1914 to the end of the war. The diary was found in his desk following his death in 1935.

Andrews, Gerald Smedley

Gerald Smedley Andrews was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in December, 1903. He taught school from 1926 to 1930, and then joined the British Columbia Forest Service where he worked as a surveyor until World War Two. During the war he rose to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel and he was responsible for charting the Normandy beaches in preparation for the D-Day landings. At the end of the war he returned to Canada, and served as the Surveyor General of the Province of British Columbia. Andrews was a Member of the Order of the British Empire, and was awarded the Order of British Columbia and was made a member of the Order of Canada. Andrews died in December, 2005 at the age of 102. The collection currently conists of more than two hundred eighty letters, as well as telegrams and miscellaneous items.

Armstrong, Charles Thomas

Charles Thomas Armstrong, the brother of Alex Armstrong of Cumberland, British Columbia, served with the 6th Field Ambulance, Australian Army Medical Corps. Armstrong died November 11, 1915 of wounds received at Gallipoli age 34. The collection currently consists of more than sixty images from his album.

Armstrong, Roy Clarence

Roy Clarence Armstrong was born in Winnipeg, Mantitoba in February, 1898 and worked as clerk before enlisting in Winnipeg in March, 1916. Armstrong served overseas with the 78th Bn. Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)until his death in October, 1917 in the battle for Passchendaele. The collection consists of more than sixty letters, as well as numerous photographs, postcards, and other items. For Armstrong's complete service file, click here.

Arnold, Sarah Ellen

Sarah Ellen Arnold worked at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, England during the war. While there she kept a journal in which she asked the patients to write. After the war Sarah married John Harold Bridgeman, one of the Canadian soldiers she had nursed.

Askew, Edwin Charles

Edwin Charles Askew was born in London, England in October, 1885 and emigrated to Canada sometime prior to the war. He settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba where he enlisted on December 28, 1915. Askew was sent overseas but remained in England until 1918 due to illness. The collection consists of one photograph, two postcards, and one document relating to the soldier settlement scheme following the war.

Astbury, Neville Ayrton

Neville Ayrton Astbury was born in Northop, Flintshire, Wales in April, 1889. He was a bank clerk at the time of his enlistment in Edmonton, Alberta in June, 1915. Astbury served overseas with the 49th Battalion until his death in September, 1916. The collection currently consists of two letters, two newspaper clippings, and three photographs. The materials here were kindly provided by the Northop Parish Memorials Project.

Aston, Thomas James

Thomas James Aston was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA in February 1889. Aston enlisted in Toronto, Ontario in July, 1915 and served overseas until his discharge in 1919. The collection currently consists of miscellaneous pages from his paybook.

Bainbridge, Sidney

Sidney Bainbridge was born in Carlisle, England in April, 1893. At some point he emigrated to Canada and was a student at the University of Alberta before he enlisted in Montreal in December, 1915. Bainbridge served overseas with the PPCLI. The collection consists of two letters written by Bainbridge in 1916.

Baird, Gavin Gibson

Gavin Gibson Baird was a Canadian pilot who served with the Royal Flying Corps, 148 Squadron, in France. The collection consists of several photographs from 1918 and thirteen letters written in 1929. The letters were written to entertain his fourteen year old nephew who had broken his leg. According to the family Baird wrote the letters based on the content of his diaries he had kept while with the RFC.

Baird, Harry

Harry Baird was born in Grant Settlement, Ontario in February, 1893. Baird enlisted in July, 1915 and served overseas with the 73rd Battalion. He was killed February 4, 1917 and has no known grave. The collection consists of ten letters, one photograph, and an image of his death certificate.

Balfour, James Stevenson

James Stevenson Balfour was born in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1894 and later attended The University of Saskatchewan. He enlisted in April, 1915 and found himself in France in July, 1915, where he served until wounded in June, 1916. He recovered, returned to duty, and in 1917 joined the Royal Flying Corps as an observer. He later trained as a pilot and had qualified as a flying instructor when the war ended. The collection consists of thirty-five extended letters, twenty photographs and one post card.

Ball, Herbert Franklin

Hebert (Bert) Franklin Ball was born in February, 1889 in Omaha, Nebraska and grew up in Alberta where his family was homesteading. Herbert enlisted in Edmonton, Alberta in January, 1915 with the 51st Battalion, and later served overseas with the 38th Battalion. Ball was killed November 18, 1916. The collection currently consists of two photographs, one clipping, and ten letters.

Ball, Ralph Gooding

Ralph Gooding Ball was born in Hilldale, Alberta in September, 1900. Ball lied about his age and enlisted in Victoria, British Columbia in September, 1916. He was discharged on compassionate grounds in January, 1918 at the request of his parents after the deaths of his two brothers, Herbert and Samuel. The collection currently consists of two letters, one photograph, and one clipping.

Ball, Samuel Warren

Samuel Warren Ball was born in Deer Mound, Alberta in February, 1897. Ball enlisted in Edmonton, Alberta in February, 1915, one month after his brother Herbert. Ball served overseas with the 38th Battalion until his death on June 26, 1917. The collection currently consists of two photographs, two clippings, and eight letters.