Creswell, George

July 22, 1944
July 22/44

My Darling Mother

I have been told that you were sent a couple of telegrams saying that I was injured. Yes, I got in the way of some flak, or at least my leg did. I consider myself a very lucky guy but I'll be back on the job again in a few more weeks. My right leg was hit just below the knee. No bones were hit but they had to operate on it and take out a couple of chunks of flak. The Doc says there is still some small pieces in there but it should never bother me. My chute was laying beside me and the flak went right through and set fire to it but did not have much trouble in putting it out. I still have the pieces for souvenirs. I'm in York military hospital and getting the best of care—the nurses are really swell. There is only one catch—my leg is in splinters and I have to lay on my back all the time so you can imagine who uncomfortable it gets. The Doc says it will be like that for two weeks.

I previously told you we were going on leave on July 11th. That was postponed till the 23rd so the rest of the crew are going tomorrow while I stay behind and get bed sores. Wally was in to see me yesterday and he also is going on a week's leave. The Padre and C.O. were also in who told me about sending you the telegrams. I've surely been getting lots of attention the last two days.

The news has come over the radio (I have one practically beside me) that there is a start of a revolt or something in Germany. I might get home for Xmas yet—1946. That's all the news for now. Pardon the writing but can't do it very well in bed.

All my love,

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