Hale, Robert

November 8, 1917

Dear Alice,

Thank you so much for your nice letter of 10/10/17 received yesterday.

I am glad that the substitute was a nice fellow. Quite nice of him to walk two miles with you for the mail. Lucky boy. A nice walk and a nice girl for company. Oh my, when will this scrap finish so we can all come back and share the good things of life for a change? But he was not the right one, eh. Never mind Alice. The right one will turn up some day, don't worry. I am looking forward to the time when I can sit and listen to the tale of all these affairs. I know they will be interesting.

I am quite sure Alice, that I won't forget my promise about taking you out when I come back. That is of course, if I am allowed to do so. Do you think I will be? So Harold takes my part does he? I am glad to hear that. I have at least still one champion left. Tell me, do I get many calls down that I need somebody to take my part? I suppose Syd will soon be back with you again and H. Houldsworth to. Poor Harold, I guess this has made a great change in him.

I am glad conscription has come. It will make some of those slackers toe the line. I am sure that there must be a lot of them about. Well, Alice I am glad to say that both my Mother and sister are better than they were. I hope they continue to improve. It makes a fellow feel better you know. How are you all at home now? Quite well I hope. I have not much news to write this time little girl. The war is still on and all that sort of thing, which of course you know. The weather is getter rather bad, but I guess we can stand it for a while yet. Don't forget to write again soon will you? Give my best wishes to all at home and the best of everything for yourself.

Your old chum

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