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Date: October 1916

Oct. 1916 (?)

Dear Keith:

Thanks for the letter. Hope to receive another from you soon.

The day before yesterday I was speaking to Mr.Newberry and young Keith. Gosh though,
Mr.Newberry looks about twenty-five. I never saw a man change as he has done. When I went out to speak to him I passed him a foot off as I didnt recognize him. I'll bet you wouldn't either.
If it wasn't for this -------!-----! -----! mud I'd almost wish Dad could come here and put on a bit of flesh. Kelly is at present in the hospital with a bad eye. He is growing like a bally weed.
When in London last week, on Sunday morning I and cousin Dolly went to some church where I heard the darndest and longest- winded sermon I've ever been tortured with. In the afternoon we went to the zoo. Some place, believe me. I needn't say much about it as Dad can tell you more than I can. We always travelled by taxi - Class EH WHAT!

I'm feeling a bit homesick now that shooting season is so close. The way a guy feels here after being bossed and fooled about with by a lot of dizzy fools is that he doesn't give much of a
d____m! whether he is going to get killed or not. I don't give the slightest hoot what happens myself but believe me when I say DON'T JOIN THE CUSSED BUSINESS UNLESS YOU
HAVE TO AS IT WILL ONLY MAKE YOU A CUSSED ANIMAL. Keep home and remember it is the best place no matter what turns up.

Well, you pidgeon towed proon, so long for the present.

Your loving son (sic) Sid.