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Date: August 4th 1917

Somewhere in France
Sat. Aug 4th/17

Mrs. H. Johns
Ont. Can.

Dear Mother :- I guess its about time for another letter don't you think it is. The weather has been so miserable that one does not care to do anything unless he is forced to. It's been raining almost steady for four days so you can imagin what its like now It must be awfull up in the trenches I am glad I am not there and hope its dry before we get there again. Your boxes are coming very regular they sure keep good nothing broken in them yet

We have had some good concerts these last few nights so life is not so bad after all. Its the end of the third year of the war to-day Lord Kitchener was quite right when he said it would last three years and maby more. I did as Uncle Alden wanted me to. I found the place where Clare was buried quite easily its about four miles away so the other afternoon a friend of mine and I started off about 2:30 pm we got back at 7 pm we rode most of the way so it was no trouble. I wrote Uncle and Aunt next day. I got a letter from Mr Barnard and Mr Medd the same day as yours

Tell George if he sees the Jeffrey boys see if they have got Will's box that he sent home. I sent a ring in it its only a piece of a Fritz areoplane which I made into a small circle try and get it joined to-geather We were in the trenches one day when we heard an airfight some pieces of plane fell near by out of the clouds this ring was cut from one piece of it. I have worn it since April just as it is. Well I must close now as its supper time Excuse the writing as the pad is on my knee so is not as steady as it might be Hoping this finds you all well I remain

Your Loving son

P.S. Will write again soon.

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