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Date: August 16th 1917

Somewhere in France

Aug. 16/17

Mrs H. Johns
Elimville Ont.

Dear Mother :- Well Mother I am writing again we have changed our place of abode again back the country a few more miles out of sound of the guns for the first time since April. About time for a change don't you think we came about 12 miles yesterday. We had a bath and was paid afterwards. This forenoon we scrubbed our equipment. We're going to soldier for a week or so chocolate soldier you know The weather is very changable yet but not quite so wet. I got your last box the other day the cealer was broken. the first one which I ever had broken the other bottle was alright but the eats were mouldy. we are just a few miles from where we were last spring but now its summer we can have a better time. The coal mines are running full blast old men, boys, and girls work in them. they sure have dirty faces when they come home. I Just got your letter written on July 29th and was glad to hear you were well or nearly, so I hope dad is better before now. You mentioned getting those postcards with the German pictures. I also sent a box I hope you get it alright. I sent it to Lloyd with several other things. including a watch and looking glass for Mr Kellet and Elmer McFalls 161 badges You will no doubt have it by now it was registered as well as the letter. Am glad the crops are so good this year as they are very good here. Well there is not much more to tell you the boys are all well as far as I know I will close now as my ink has run out. By the way I got that ink in a house in the same village that I got those other things in only I found a bottle of ink in a house and not on a german It was a doctors house but was badly smashed up.

Well bye bye
From your loving son (Earl. )

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