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Date: February 15th 1917
Mrs Johns
pte. J.J. Woods

Somewhere in France
Thursday Feb. 15th 1917

Dear Mrs Johns

I received the parcel that you sent me. And it is needless for me to say how much I appreciate it. I could not help thinking of the good times that I have had at your place. Especially when I eat that muffin. For I can well remember how I liked to drop in when you had a pan of them just out of the oven. I used to do justice to them. I went down to Earl about two weeks ago and we had a little chat. He came to see me to-day. He is fine and looks none the worse for his experience. I tell you I miss Earl. It was hard to say good-bye. But I think that we will be able to get to-gether again soon. I wrote to George when were in Eng. did he get it. Well Mrs Johns it know doubt seems hard to you's to have us over here. But I know that we would rather be here and do our bit & take what ever comes. than have anybody through it up to our parents that we were afraid to our duty. For what is worth living for is worth fighting for. I hear that there is great peace talk over in Canada. But it is not over yet. I don't think. My address is Pte Jackson Woods # 654747 B.E.F. 3rd Entrenching Batt. France. Well, I must close for this time. Thanking you for your kindness to me. And hope that you will drop me a line once in while

I remain
Your friend
pte. J.J. Woods