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Date: January 2nd 1916

France Jan 2/16

Mrs H Johns
Ontario Canada

Dear Mother :- I thought I would write you and let you know that I got your letters. I got 9 all to-geather quite a few sent it. 2 from you 1 from Lloyd 1 Edith 1 Addie and several from England. They all came in a heap but they came in allrigh I hope the boxes came too they likly will now that the letters have got here. I wrote Addie a few days ago so maby they will both get there the same time I told her that the letters had not got here so I had to correct myself. I got a letter from Will Veal. and Vic Hogarth to-day I left my watch with Hogarth to get fixed he said that he could not get it fixed for 5 weeks so I think I'll write him and tell him to send it home and you can get it fixed up and some one can use it. there is no place to get one fixed up here. Do not send a fountain pen as I have a new one now I lost the other. Tell Lloyd that I have not seen a French stamp yet. so I cannot send him the things he wants. If you send many parcels register them as they are more sure to get here Some are getting parcels from Eatons the Red Cross pays for them. There is a cake a good one too - dates chocolate etc.

I'll write as many letters as I can but as I am generally rather tired I don't feel like writing very many.

I bought a tin of honey. it was sitting on the foot of the bed when it fell over and all run out over my pack. coat. blankets, and bed. so I'll be sweet for a day or two and sticky also. Well I must close now.


Pte L.E. Johns
no 654744
58 Batt. Canadians
3rd Entrenching Batt

Tell Addie that I left out most of the address

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Original Scans