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Date: July 8th 1917


July 8/17

Mr. Ed Johns
Exeter R.R. No 3.

Dear Cousin :- Just a few lines to let you know I am well and having a pretty fair time. We drill all forenoon and then have all afternoon off. We have boxing matches concerts etc. at night. I am getting so lazy that I almost hate to write a letter. I have only written 3 this last week. I see your concert has been quite a success I wish I could have been there to see it. I sent a small box of trash to Lloyd which I collected last time up the line no doubt you will see them if they get there.

I just received news that my cousin Clare has been killed over here. life is very uncertain in this country especially at our business. I went looking for him several times latly and him dead no wonder I could not find him. No doubt we have passed each other several times before I knew he was in France as his Battn were near by at the time he was with them. He was here one month. I've been here nearly eight and not a scratch yet. pretty lucky. Wes. Colwell was around near us yesterday but I do not know him. He has a commision now. Some relation to Chas. Godbolt I think

The country here looks great just at present the grain and roots are well on. The Rye is at the point of ripening. Haying is in full swing. They have a funny way of curing hay. they tie it up in little shocks . It looks real funny. They do not have potato bugs here at least I have not seen any yet. Cherries are ripe here they are not so nice as ours as they seem dry.

I suppose there will be some time over conscription in Canada Will it catch many around home? I am glad that I did not wait for it. Well I must close now as I have more to write

Yours Truly
From. Earl.

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