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Date: July 6th 1916

Hillcrest Camp

July 6th 1916

Mrs Henry Johns

Dear Mother :- I suppose by the time you get this letter you will know where we expect to go on Saturday morning. We got orders to get our laundry from the laundries by Saturday morning. They did nor tell us for sure but It's altogether likley that we go to Camp Borden on Saturday So If we do I will not get home for some time to come There was some cussing when we were told I can tell you Some are hoping It is not true But I'am afraid it is It may not be as soon as they say But it is Bound to come. Tell Addie not to send her cherries untill you know for sure She will see by the papers if we go or not.(I hope its not) I have a midnight pass to-night so I'am at Uncles (Alden Jones)writing this letter its about 10 o clock We have kit inspections to-day its a luckey thing I brought all my stuff with me as some did not. I suppose Jackson is better by this time if he is not this news will brighten him up somewhat. I am taking all my stuff up to camp to night as they say we cannot come down town tomorrow night. I'll leave the grip at Uncles untill I can fetch it home or some of you get it Well I must close now do not write untill you see where we go If we go away I'll send my adress


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Original Scans