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Date: July 13th 1916
Earl Johns

Camp Borden

Thursday July 13 1916

Mrs. H. Johns


Dear Mother:- I have good news to tell you orders came out last night that any man needed home for harvest can go for 1 month so if you need me or any body Dick or Charley,Will or any body near home tell them to drop a letter to Major Heaman If you need me make it seem very pressing or if anybody else wants tell them to make it seem very hard to get men I have all the holidays I need up here for some time I would like to get clean once more this year and If I stay here I never will be I just had a shower bath this afternoon and also washed one shirt and some socks the orders says We must turn in all our stuff at the orderly room and just take our working suits home We will look pretty marching home in our fatigue suits just pants and shirt and straw hats we just got them today We had some trouble yesterday some of our boys and others raided the station and stol about a car load of fruit and canned stuff they say they will dock 25 cents off our pay. that seem rather hard when I did not get a smell Well I must close try and make it seem serious
I think it will work

Earl Johns

Daily Toil at Camp Borden

6 AM Revelle-"Arise Ye Saints Arise"
6:20 AM Breakfast "Meekly wait and mumur not"
8:15 AM OC Parade-"When he cometh"
8:45 AM Maneuvers "Fight the good Fight"
11:45AM Physical Torture-"Here We suffer, grief and Pain."
1P.M. Dinner "Come ye thankfull people come"
2:15 P.M. Rifle Drill-"Go Labor on."
3:15 P.M. Lecture-"Tell me the old old story"
4:30 P.M. Dismiss-"Praise God from Whome all blessings flow."
5 P.M.-Tea-" What means this eager anxious throng."
6. P.M. Free for the night - "Oh Lord how happy we shall be."
6:30 Out of bounds - 'We may not know we cannot tell."
7 P.M. Route March - " Onward Christian Soldiers."
10. P.M. Last Post. "All are safly geathered in."
10:15 P.M. Lights Out - "Peace Perfect Peace"
10:20 P.M. Inspection of Guards - "Sleep on Beloved"
11 P.M. - " The day thou gavest Lord is ended"

Pte Earl Johns.
Camp Borden
C. Co.
161 Batt

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Original Scans