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Date: March 24th 1917

Somewhere in France
Sat. March 24/17

Mrs. N. Coultis
R.R. No.3.
Ont Can

Dear Sister :- Well Addie how are you people getting along? the same old way I suppose. We are out in billetts again for a while. We came a long way to get to them Every body was nearly all in. I do not know how many miles from the trenches to here but it must be over 15 miles. One's pack gets pretty heavy when a person is tired of course we had about 5 hours sleep on the way. We left the trenches at 11 Pm. and walked untill about 1 A.M. and then got some supper and went to bed untill 6 A.M. started off again at 8 AM. and marched untill 3 P.M. I would not mind if I had my horse and buggy here. I got 6 letters last night the first from Canada for 3 weeks. yours amongst them I seemed a long time without mail but I guess the mail does not come to us as regular as it used to. It seems that the British are giving Fritz fits at the present time. Up where we come from they keep teasing him all the time. Going over and bombing his trenches killing a few men so he is kept busy watching all the time. At night somewhere within hearing some Battn is teasing him first you hear a racket then he sends up colored flares to his artillery or for more men to come up. These raids do not last long generally only a few minutes so the raiders can get back before his guns start shelling no mans land which our men have to cross back over. The weather has been rotten latly. rain and snow It keeps the trenches very muddy. of course if one has long rubber boots on it is not so bad but these boots make our feet tender for the long marches. I got a letter from Ed he said he was going to be alone for 2 weeks I would like to be with him I think I could cook for the two give me an old salmon tin for a brazer make some holes in it some candle wax and string and a mess tin and I could make some dandy grub. Tell Mrs. Cooper that that honey went good and when I get home I'll come down and eat some more . Well I must close now.

With love - Earl

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