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Date: May 9th 1917

Somewhere in France


Mrs. H Johns

Dear Mother :- It's come time to write you another letter I guess you will think its a long time between letters. I know it seems a longtime between letters from home. Well its fine weather again so things are on the move once more at least we are. We stay about one day in one place and on again except of course when we are in the line. By the way I've changed my occupation. in future address my mail to Scouts. 58 Battn. Myself and a few others are attached to that Section as snipers in other words snipe and observe the enemy and his trenches. I have been in one trip and we had some success. Its sure better than being in the Coys. as we do no working parties of any account and also do not do post at night. But by day we are supposed to be wide awake and report any movement seen in enemy country. Of course we have glasses and etc. to carry extra but I like it fine so far. Jeffrey and Hoover are L/Cpls or in other words N.C.O.'s now and Jackson is away taking a tunneling course so I will not see him for maby a month. Bruce Mathews was killed a few days ago and Bert Rivers wounded. Am glad to hear Earl Parsons is safe and reached home again

I saw a fellow here yesterday who is a brother to Clarice Snells wife he is a dispatch rider carrying messages from Division H.Q. to the Artillery its a good job he says.

I got Mrs Wood's box a few days ago I must write and thank her some time. The fame of Wilfreds car has reached France. It seems they must have taken Mr Woods up to McLaughlins a while back and when up there they took a kid whose name is Johnston out for a ride he wrote his Uncle about it. And said the car cost $1500. Cars must have got dear latly. Well I must close now hoping this finds all well. as it leaves me the same as usual.

Your Loving Son Earl

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