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Date: September 20th 1916

Camp Borden

Mrs H. Johns


Dear Mother:- I am going to write you after all. I had decided to wait untill to-morrow. night but. as I have some time tonight I will go to work. Its very cool up here to-day so Its not very nice writing to-night we have our oil-stove burning so its not to bad in our tent. our 4 blankets come in very handy too. We are kept pretty busy these days. They sent me to the bombing school for four days that is they sent 22 men from our Batt. I guess they will send as many more this week. I don't know if I passed or not and don't care much either. Our company are taking musketry now I missed Saturday at so I will be a little behind I guess but will soon catch up. Bombing is very Interesting work. Maby they will send the ones that pass to the Divisional School I don't intend to go unless they make me go. We will likly go to the ranges this week or next at least I hope they will before it gets too cold. I sent Lloyd a card to-day so I don't know which will get there first. Jim Howe, Earl Gardiner were over to-day I also seen Roy Stanlake to-day so you we see meet old friends up here once in a while. I saw a mock funeral to day up to the 201 Batt they are being split up to-morrow their Col. lost his job as they have less than 600 men. They dug a grave and buried a dummey representing their Col they hated him he was a whiskey soak , so on top of the grave they put a cross. A whiskey bottle, cigar some branches for flowers. Some reporters took a picture of it so likley it will be in the papers. The 142 Col also got into trouble he had one of his men strapped with a belt I guess he will lose his job You want to rub it into Mrs Smith about Will's Col tell her he must be some Leader. I hope your legs do not trouble you much and also hope they are all well I am feeling fine and have been well ever since I came back My knee troubles me some-times but you know a sprain takes a long time to get well. If it is bent very long at a time It hurts to straiten it out So I guess it will get well in time I do not know yet when our next pass comes so its no use guessing. Well I guess this is all for now hoping you all are well

From Earl.