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Date: September 30th 1917
Mrs Alex McFalls

Exeter Sept. 30/17

Dear Friend

It is with sinceer simpathy on behalf of the loss of your dearly beloved son, I write these few lines to you.

I would have gone over to see you when down at Wess Hornes but did not feel able to on account of my nerves being all upset. I had been getting along pretty well only at times would not feel so well until this sad news came which shocked me pretty badly to be sure

I am wondering how poor Elmer will be bairing up so far from his home after loosing his beloved comrade, as he sure was a true friend to Elmer He spoke of Earl every time he wrote, saying how Earl helped him out when in need, and would always mension him and Rufus Kistle, all being well in every one of his letters excepting when he went back to training school, he could tell me nothing about them, but cinceerly hoped and prayed for their safety to God, to bring them safely through but it was the will of the good Lord to take Earl first, and I know he will be safe in his Eternal Home now away from all trials and struggles of this cold world, which, as Elmer always says is far better Elmer tells me not to fret or wory about him for he is prepared to go if his time came, so this certainly is a comfort to me and I know Earl was just as good a boy as Elmer was, and will be happy in his Heavenly Home. Right blessed are the dead who die in the Lord, for they rest in their labors, and their works do follow them Your boy, with all the rest of the dear boys who are gone, will never be forgotton and I cenceerly hope you will be feeling better, I will pray continually for you as I have always done for all wives and mothers of those precious, brave young men The words of Scripture are Grater Love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends This is what your dear son has done I cling to my Saviour closer than ever before, as I hear of those awful happenings, and will earenstly pray to God to hasten the joyful day when Peace shall be declared

Will close now with deep love and simpathy for you and your dear family from Your friend

Mrs Alex McFalls

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