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Date: July 9th 1917

July 9/17

Mrs N. Coultis
R.R. No 3 Exeter
Ontario Canada

Dear Sis:- Just a few lines to assure you that I am well and having a fair time. Received your welcome box a few days ago. Also a letter. Mothers letter last night said that Margaret had a bad cold hope this finds her better I have not been sick a day this summer and feel great. Of course last winter used me up some but all effects of that has left me.

We are having a good a good time at present but cannot tell how long it will last we start drill at 730 AM and finish at 1230 then all after-noon to ourselves. There is an awfull racket down below the hill a special platoon are practicing going over the top just for show. the rifle grenades make a great noise. Fritz dropped a few shells away back near here a while ago. He can reach a long way back. Some of his guns can throw shells from 10 to 15 miles there came a long way. Clare did not last long over here it too bad "but things like that must be" as the old school reader said. We cannot expect victory without loss of life I must say I've been very lucky so far and hope to be until its over. Our Band is playing at present. It's a great camp where we are in a big beech bush on a hill. There is lots of sports for us so life is not so bad at this time of the year. I hope this finds you all well.

Mother said Grandad was not so well hope he gets well again. Well I must close now .

With Love From Earl

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