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Date: March 9th 1915

March 9th, 1915,
Gunner Hale
H.Q.S. 6th Brigade F.A.
2nd Division C.E.F.

My Dear Alice,

George and Bert went home last night down in the dumps. They have no money. I believe George is going on the drink again, and Bert did not look any too good. All the boys went to town last night and one of them got into trouble because he said something to an Englishman about pushing some girls to get on a car. So he came back disgusted and mad. The bloke must have said something to him. I think the first Contingent got the Canadians a rather bad name here although the regulars around here seem very decent. All the boys are writing letters now and waiting for dinner. Cookhouse has just blown now. The food here is not as good as it was in Montreal. What I mean is, it is good but it is served up very rough and some of the boys are very much surprised. Well they have got much to learn about the army yet. There is a regiment left for the front today from here and one went yesterday. I forgot to tell you that when we were coming to Liverpool we passed a ship that had been sunk by a German submarine just outside the harbour, and I see by the papers there was one sunk last Sunday so we were lucky to get through O.K. The weather here is a little better today but it is very muddy. We had a good stroke of luck this morning. We managed to buy some milk so tonight at supper we are going to do things in great style. We did not have that inspection this morning after all thank goodness. I have got a handkerchief to send to you that I bought at Queenstown. I am going to send it along soon. I am not going on parade this afternoon. I don't think I will go to town tonight. Well dear, we are getting along nice now and I hope we will soon get settled down to our new conditions. The girls round here are not a nice crowd according to reports from the boys. I have not spoken to a girl since I left you in Montreal. I don't want to. That's something more, believe me. I am waiting for the time when I shall be able to see you again dear. I am longing to get a letter now. Well dear, I don't think I have any more to say now so I will close. Remember me to all and tell them I will write as soon as possible. I remain

Your loving boy,

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