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Date: October 12th 1915

Gunner Hale No. 85519
6th Battery
2nd Brigade Canadian F.A. 1st Canadian Division


My Dearest Alice,

Many thanks for your two letters which were forwarded to me from Shorncliffe. Well perhaps you did not get some of my previous letters. You know Alice, the reason why I did not write for a while was because of that letter you sent me about your birthday. You know Alice it was not fair. You were very much to the point in that letter. You almost said that you did not think it was worth your while to waste any more time over me besides telling me I was very mean. You know quite well that that is not the case. Well dear, we are very busy these days moving round. Last Sunday we had a church service. The Chaplin used a gun limber for a pulpit and a little way off stood the ruins of a big new church which had been destroyed by the Germans. All through the service the guns kept up a steady roar. We are having a pretty good time over here. All the troops are in the best of condition and in good spirits. The weather is keeping fine, thank goodness. I don't think Jock is out here yet, but I guess he will be soon. I am so sorry Alice that you were so long without a letter. I was angry and disappointed with you over that one of yours. Perhaps I was wrong and perhaps you were, but let us forget it for good. What do you say dear? The line is quiet now. Not much doing. This afternoon one of our areoplanes was up and the Germans tried hard to hit him but could not. It is great to watch them. The people here just go about their work in the fields as if nothing were on. We get lots of bully beef and biscuits now but it is not bad and we generally get lots to eat. How are Sidney and Lily getting on now? All O.K? He has not joined for active service yet I suppose. I had a letter from him some time ago, but I lost his address. There are lots of star shells going up tonight. It looks very pretty from where we are. I don't think the war will last much longer now. I believe the Germans are on the last lap now. Bulgaria cannot help them much even if they do come in, so we should worry. Well dear, I guess I will have to close down now. I will write again later. Goodbye, good luck. Give my kind regards to Ma and Pa and sister Lily.

I remain
Yours with best love