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Date: April 25th 1918

April 25th/18

Dear Alice,

I have managed at last to get a couple of sheets of paper. I have about twenty letters to answer, but I can't get paper till I get out of the line again. I'll make sure to have enough when I come in again. I received your welcome parcel on the 8th also the following letters: yours of Feb. 20th, Dad's of March 12th, Lily's of March 17th and 20th. Also tell Leah I received her letter but can't answer it until I get paper. I arrived in France about the middle of March and got as far as Divisional Base where we were to be held as a reserve until Battn needed us. About that time a company of tanks were attached to this Division with machine gunners and I was one of the men who go this job. I went up the line with the tanks but after four days they were transferred to another division. So the machine gunners lost their jobs. We were told to go back to our division, but two of us went to the Battn on our own hook instead of back to the division. So that is how I have made one trip up the line ahead of Scottie who is still down at division base. In my last letter I gave you my new address but forgot to tell you I was in C. Coy. I don't seen to be able to shake C. Coy. This is the sixth battn I have been in and I always seem to get in C. Coy. Well I have nothing new to write about. Life in the trenches is just the same as I have read and heard about before. If I ever get out of this I'll make a good hobo. I'll be able to sleep anywhere and live on almost nothing, etc. Don't send any more cigarettes. I don't smoke them much and we get a government issue of tobacco. Should I run short I can always buy a little. Also candy. I would not send so many parcels if I were you. Should I need anything in particular I will write and tell you. What I need is a good meal at a table and you can't send that. I'll take my chances and wait if that day every arrives. Oh how I'll enjoy it. I have received a letter from Syd. It is about a month old, so I don't know where he is now. I also received a letter from Bob. Well, au revoir for now as my candle is getting low also the rats are annoyed by the light. Will write again as soon as I get more paper.


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