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Date: February 23rd 1918

France Feb. 23/18

Miss Edna Lean

Dear Sister. -

Received your letter dated Jan 19/'18, and of course was pleased as a kid with a teddy bear to hear from you again. I notice that you, like myself are a wee bit slow in posting letters, this was post marked in Cobourg on the 24th of Jan. I also received a letter from Verna [Lean] last night and Jack [Leslie Bowman] got the Cobourg papers. I guess we know all the latest news now.

I haven't heard from Elmer or Meredith [brothers] for ages, try and persuade them to use a pen more frequently. I am writing to Aunt Lena when I finish this. She sent me a jar of chicken and I haven't acknowledged it yet.

I sent you some things from Edinburgh. Will you tell me if you get them. I intended sending something for the others and Elmer wanted a cuckoo clock. My intentions as usual were of the best but likewise as per usual my cash gave out three days too soon. I'll do better next time I go Blighty Bound. I received the parcels O.K., they were here when I got back from leave. One of the souvenirs I sent from Scotland was a German dagger, I got it from a chum and he took it from a Fritz near the same place W. Bush [a first cousin] was wounded. I am probably within half a mile of there now.

The principal thing we lack at present is reading material, if you can send some magazines they would sure be appreciated. I spent twenty minutes last night looking for a book and the best I could get was three pages of a serial, not enough to be interesting. Well the trumpet is sounding good luck.

Your loving brother
M.T. Lean