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Date: May 3rd 1916

Shorncliffe May 3/16

Dear Sister;-

It's a long time since I had any word from any of you but as this is Jacks birthday I'll have to write again and tell you how we spent it. There is just fifteen minutes before the bugle sounds lights out but if this is not finished Ill fix it up to morrow night.

We are just about finished the riding school and after that we go driving on the guns and none of us will be sorry, riding is a devil of a job. going at a fast trot with crossed stirrups and quite often we drop the reins and fold our arms. at such times I have to hold on with my spurs.

We were doing the jumps yesterday in the same way and I tumbled off after I got over the jump, the cussed horse shied at something, he turned straight across the school and I went straight on to the end. I did the same thing in the after-noon but got through all right to day.

Well another big day over. Jack and Mac are at the soldiers (don't get this falled up) home having a bath so I'll get this over and start another. I've only got one hand to night. "one that I can use." I was turning the crank of a clipping machine last night and got my little finger in the cog wheels about the way you did in the old strawcutter, and biff, I nearly lost the end of my finger. first casualty.

We hear that there is another C.H.B. [Cobourg Heavy Battery] now, if that is true I suppose old Dad [brother Erwin Lean] will be coming over at any time, tell him we'll all be glad to see him. Bruce Manly is in the hospital with the tonsilitis and Bobby Smith is their also and likely to be for some time, he has rheumatism in his legs. everything is all right except these two and my little finger.

The O.C. of our Battery is organizing a foot ball team to morrow night, every one welcome so there'll be a hot time in the old town to morrow night. There is a wild time right now, one of the drafts that are leaving soon are singing, in the eavening by the moonlight, there are some tremendous good singers, you couldn't hear as good in Cobourg for a dollar.

We are out of tobacco here and the stuff they sell here is rotten, besides a shilling's worth only last a day. Tell Dad [Erwin] to bring over a box full when he comes, and if he don't come right away send us a bunch of briar, you could sell it here for fifty cents a plug as fast as you could hand it out.

We are going down to the ocean with our horses to morrow for a swim and we sure need it, Jack just came back, he says he couldn't get with in a hundred yards of the door. one of the fellows in our room came in last night pickled to the eyes, he looks like Walter Cambell and acts like him but isn't quite so wild, never the less he gave a good show last night while it lasted. Now as usual answer soon and tell us if it's true about the new battery,

Good By your brother

Driver M.T. Lean No. 314677
3rd Reserve Battery
Ross Barracks