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Date: August 6th 1945

R.W. C. Hosp. C.a. Eng.

Aug 6, 1945

Dearest Dad, Mother, Bro, Sis and Duke,

Just received your most welcome letter Dad and as always was pleased to hear from home. Also glad that you are all feeling the best possible or should say could be expected. Well, I see by Dad's letter that Saskatoon time as come around again. I guess that means that winter is next on the list eh! Gee time sure fly's by doesn't it?! Well yesterday, I thought that I'd spend the afternoon by the sea side and I rather enjoyed myself considering that this is England if any body ever in God's name mentions that country to me I'll tell them off in a hurry. I'll tell you when I get home why I feel like that, I'm still at my job and enjoy it more and more. If I should happen to go out here. And not able to get home for a while I think I'll spend my time at the school house.

They have over here for the boy's as it would do me a lot of good and I'm sure you'll feel the same at home about it, and if wouldn't spoil my chance of going home any. Well there isn't really any more to say everything is very quiet. I also received a swell letter from Jerry and one from "Nish" I sure enjoyed them. Say Hello to all Ant's and Uncles for me. I do hope that they are all well here's hoping to hear from you soon and let's hope and pray God that I'll be on my home to the ones' I love best in the near future.

Your son & bro who loves you all dearly and

May God bless you all love and kisses

Louis "Cheers"