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Date: August 15th 1945

V. J. Day R.W.C. Hosp. C.A. Eng.

Aug 15 45

Dearest Dad Mother Bro & Sis. & Duke.

Hi there, every body how are you all as for myself am in the very best especially today now that Victory is known all over the world is with us all it's really a very big consultation isn't it? Of course us boy's over here won't realize that its' all over till we get out of the old Army and back to old Civi St and then we'll believe it. Well, I received a swell letter from Helen S. toay she sure has kept me up with the home town news and I do look forward to her letters.

I don't as yet know what my address is but promise to let you know as soon as I can. My Pal and I will be going on leave but I haven't enough money to go on leave yet so I'll wait for awhile till I have more to go with. Well, have you had any new's about the application I put in yet to should be investigating on the case soon if they haven't done so already. I've checked here with the O.C. and he said its' gone to Canada four weeks ago. We have today off and also tomorrow and then 48 hours added on to our P. Leave so its really a fair break. Gee it's a crime to see all the scared people getting drunk every day lately, kid's men, etch are drunk. I should think they'd think of praying to God instead of drinking after all he is the one and only who saved us from the disaster and defeat but people don't seem to realize it for some one reason or other here is one boy that's not going out to drink and I thank God instead and also pray that he grant's me the promise to go home real soon.

Well, I must go now. May God bless you and all and keep you save for my return to you loved ones. Say hello to every body, Uncles, Ants, Cousins and for me and May God bless them all.

Your son and bro who loves you all so very

Much all the kisses and hugs the world

And my dearest respect to you all.

Louis D. x