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Date: February 9th 1915

Boulogne France
Feb 9/15

My Dear Mother:-

This is the first writing I have been able to do since coming here. First I am now getting along fine and expect to be up out of bed in a day or two. The only thing that affects me is weakness. When I sat up yesterday my head went like a threshing machine. Well as to it happened I suppose that will interest you. There were four of us and an officer carrying into the trenches two boxes of ammunitions. Just as we were going thru a gap in the hedge about 350 yards back of our firing line the Germans through up a sky rocket and caught us. It seems they had a machine gun trained up on the gap ready for emergencies. They got three of us right in our tracks and not 15 feet between us. The officer, Mr. Price, perhaps you will remember his name was killed. the other man was hit in the chest and I got off the best of the three. I was able to walk a half mile back with help, but I played out when I got there. Gee it was rotten. My voice gave up entirely for the first four days. I knew what I wanted to say but I couldn't say it. And then the right side gave out but is now pretty near better except the right arm. I expect they will send me back to England for a week or two. At least I hope. I haven't got one cent and everything that I owned that was worth losing was lost. What I didn't lose in the mud where I fell other people helped themselves too. So don't write me till you hear again where I'm going to be. I'm getting tired [?] tired with love from


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