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Date: January 7th 1917

Witley Camp, 7/1/17

Dear Jenn:-

Well we have at last got moved into the 156th. We were to move last Monday, but the battalion that was in the lines didn't move out until yesterday, So we moved in to-day Sunday and all that it was.

Andrew & Gordon are back in this camp again. I expect they will be camping right along side of the 156th in a couople of days. They are talking of transferring into the artillery. I have a good chance to go into the same branch but haven't decided yet. Stuart Holmes, Ed. Gamble and I are talking of going. It will be a change from this anyway.

Say! Will you tell May that if she hasn't been getting any letters from me it isn't my fault, for I have wrote to her everey week since I came over. She said in her last letter that she wasn't going to write anymore until she got a letter from me. I haven't had a letter from home for over three weeks now. I didn't get any from anywhere for two weeks until last Thursday night I got a dozen but none of them where from home. None oof the boxes have reached me yet. I got a money order in one from Dwight the other day.

Well I have to quit for this time. We have been so busy moving to-day that I haven't had much time to write.

Sincerely Jim
156th btln.