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Date: January 8th 1917

Witley Camp, 8/1/17

Dear Jenn:-

You will think that I have nothing to do but write letters to you as I wrote one last night.
I got a few little pictures taken and was going to send then by seperate but when they came I didn't think they were worth what it would cost to send them that way, so am sending them to you, and you can give them around.

You can give one to Mary Goodin, Mrs. E. Lawrence, Edith Snyder, Will Kingstson and I don't care what yu do with the rest, I flipped a copper to see wether I would send them or/ burn them. We have got pretty well settled in our new lines. Majaor Elliott is back from France again, he and Col. Wilkinson were over for two weeks or so on some business. When he seen me to-day he wanted to know if I had been over to Spencerville lately.

Well I guess that is all that I have to say this time. Only that I got a letter from you to-day. It was wrote earlier than some of the ones I got last week. I am feeling fine and still getting fatter, weight 187 now. Hoping you are all well.

As ever