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Date: January 8th 1917

Witley Camp, 8/1/17

Dear Anna:-

Three cheers for the 156th. We had our first meal in our new quarters last night. We were to move a week ago to-day but the battalion that was in where we were to go didn't move out until Saturday, so we moved in on Sunday. I had been on guard all day Saturday and Sat. night. When I came in on Sunday morning there was an order in for all the 156th men to be ready to move in fifteen minutes so I didn't have much time to loose. I have been on duty about fourty hours out of every fourty eight for the last week or so, so I think I will sleep in/ doe awhile. Everybody that writes wants to know how I enjoyed my boxes that I got for Xmas.

I will be able to tell better after I get them. The only one that I have got yet was a couple little cakes of sugar from Alvie Whitley, and a money order from Dwight, the latter wasn't very good eating in it natural state but it is easily made eatable.

Major Elliott just got back from France a day or so ago, he and Col. Wilkison run over for a coule of weeks on some duty. I was talking to the Maj. to-day for a little while. He said that he didn't get up to the front ligne trenches at all, but Col. Wilkison was up/ a couple of times. He said there wasn't a great deal dooing over there just now, the weather wasn't very cold, but it rained nearly all the time and the ground was quite muddy.

Andrew and Gordon are transferring into the mortar battery. It is a new branch of the artillery that has proved very successful lately. They have made a very ergent call for men for that branch. I have put in for a transfer but am not sure yet wether it will go through or not. I will be in the same bunch as Andrew & Gordon, and there is three or four of the Sp. Lads applying for it too. Herb was telling Andrew/ &Gordon quite a bit about them when they seen him at Xmas time. The work is mostly in the front line trenches but you don't have to go into any bayonet charges. So I think it would be about as safe as the infantry & a little more interesting work. That was some poem that you put in your letter. Write again some time and I will try and drop you a line ocassionly.

With love to all

From Jim