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Date: March 17th 1917

Witley Mar 17/17

Dear Jenn:-

Just a line to-night to let you know that I am well although I am in quarantine for the mumps. One of the fellows in the hut took them last Monday so he was sent to the hospital and the rest of us put in quarantine. We just have to stay in four weeks it don't seem long when you say it quick, but I think we will find it plenty long enough before we get out. Our time will be up in just a couple of days after Easter.

I have at last got those league pails and got them all distributed. When I took the ones down to the 156ths every one that there was a pail for was either in quarantine or else away at the ranges so I didn't see any of them. I was very much surprised when I opened my pail and found the things in as good conditions as they were. Everything tasted alright only they were a little shaken up from being knocked around so much. I am telling you just what they were like not exaggerating it one way of the other. You can thank the league for sending them. The Canadian mail has all gone balk again, as there hasn't been any came here for over two weeks now. Andrew & Gordon were down to-night for a few minutes they have been away taking a course for the last couple of weeks and just got back this afternoon. That is all for this time as news are pretty scarse just no. Write often.

With love to all....... Jim