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Date: May 1st 1917

Witley Camp, May 1/17

Dear Jen:-

As I have a few snap shots here that I want to send home, I won't have to write very much of a letter to fill up an envelope. There is eighteen altogether.

1. is a view of the way they put up their hay and grain in this country.
2. Is the field where the T.M.B's drll
3. Is a view of the pines there are quite a lot of pines around here.
4. Is a bridge over one of the rivers near camp. It is supposed to be me on the bridge.
5. Is a view of the burying ground where all the soldiers who die in this camp are buried.
6. The artillery guns park
7. The entrance to Witley Park
8. A bunch of the trench mortars hard at work.
9. One of the schools in Godalming.
10. Another view in the pines.
11. One of the famous English trains.
12. A view of one of the flower gardens in Godalming. You needn't think I own it because I am in the picture.
13. Along the road side. The fence is a stone wall all covered with ivy.
14. In the pines again.
15. Along the road side
16. A view of Witley Village
17. On the out skirts of Godalming.
18. Stuart and his pit. It was tied up to a bush so we took a snap of it.

I have a few more to send when they are finished. The weather has been real good here lately for taking pictures. It hasn't rained now for over two weeks which is something very unusual for this country. Things are going about the same as usual here nothing much to do. Let me know if you get these pictures alright.

I seen Andrew & Gordon this morning. The 202 are deposting their colours in Godalming Church this afternoon. They just went past here a few minutes ago.

Well I guess that is all for this time. I will try & write a letter some tme before long. It is such nice weather now it is hard to sit down to write.