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Date: October 30th 1918

London Oct. 30/18

Dear Garnet:-

Thought I would scratch you a few lines this evening before I go to bed as I will be crossing the channel again first thing in the morning. It don't take two weeks very long to slip by when you are taking holidays.

I went down to see Byde yesterday and he managed to get a pass out of Camp for to-day so we spent the day together, and I came back here this evening. I was up to Scotland for eight days, but didn't get married, not that I didn't have lots of opportunities for the main desire of the fairer sex up there is getting a trip to Canada. It is a good place to go and spend a holiday as you can have a good time and get lots to eat, and as usual eating is my long susit. I don't think that I have anything on Byde though./

How are you getting along with the work this fall as you will certainly have lots of it to do. Byde was telling me about the amount of stock that you have been keeping yet. What ever you do don't try to keep them all for the winter for it will only makes slaves of you to look after them and it will be some little time before Byde and I get home no matter how things go. Things are looking pretty fair just now, but it can't be expected to have it all sunshine for awhile yet.

Well, I must close as I want to get some sleep to-night.

Love to all