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Date: January 8th 1919

Ostheim, Jan.8/18 (19?)

Dear Jenn:-

Just a few lines to-night to let you know that I received your paracel all O.K. and everything was fine. Only Ed said to tell you there wasn't enough of those cookies in it. It wasn't very long until none of them were to be seen anyway.

Am enclosing a picture that I found in the Montreal Standard of Nov. 30th. Just happened to see it lying around the billet one day. It is a picture that was taken alongn the Arras road just before the scrap at Cambrai, or rather during it, but before we got in it. The Trench Mortar lorries are the two in the fore ground with their crews round about them. I am standing in the second lorry beside the gu. Stuart is sitting in the rear corner and Ed. is sitting along the side near the gun. It is not very often that they take pictures a close to the ligne as that was, so just got this for a novelity. They had a picture of this battery taken a day after Xmas. and I am sending you one. Ed got a couple and as we only had enought paper for one parcel he suggested that we send them all to you and then he would get his when we get back. So you can put two of them away some place for him.

There are rumors going round that we are moving back to Belgium in a few days but there is nothing official yet. If we get back there it will be the first step towards home, but hard to say when the last will be.

Well I can't think of anything to write so will ring off for this time.

Love to all