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Date: February 13th 1919

February 13

Dear Lilian:

Since my last letter I have had two from you Jan 11 & 17. I don't think I wrote last week.

About the pictures I spoke of sending. I don't remember which ones I meant and as I have one lot stored with some of my kit in London and another lot here, I guess I never mailed any. The ones I have are some photos of the company and all the officers.

I had a letter from Isabel lately and a few days ago received a box of cake and fudge from her. I have some on my table now and it is going fast.

I came home early from the mess and am writing letters tonight. The people in the house are all asleep and I am in my room. Have a fire on. The old lady lights one for me nearly every evening.

The officers are getting short leave to visit the area in Germany lately occupied by the Canadians and as my company commander couldn't go last week, I got his turn. There was another fellow with me and we had a very interesting trip.

We spent thirty six hours in Germany, most of it in Cologne. The second afternoon we went to Bonn by electric car. It is about twenty miles from Cologne.

There was nothing much to see in Bonn except the university for which the city was noted. We saw one other interesting thing there. It was statue of Wilhelm with the nose and one ear shot off and his sword broken. The job was done by the Canadians while they were occupying Bonn and it will be something to remind the huns of the Canadians.

Cologne has a fine cathedral but not much else. It is quite a large city, on both sides of the Rhine. The natives there don't seem to mind our troops but they are very civil and apparently anxious to please.

I got a couple of souvenirs including a Prussian guard helmet and i must ship it home the first opportunity.

Last Sunday being the second anniversary of our departure from Witley we had a memorial service. The names of all the boys who were killed or died of wounds were read and there are 624 on the list.

On Monday night 10th the officers gave a dance to celebrate the second anniversary of our arrival in France. We had the divisional and brigade commander there and it was a pleasant evening.

It is almost certain now that we shall be here two months more going to England but I think we shall get home in June or perhaps the last of May.

Ink is very scarce just now and I haven't been able to get paper for a while so have to use my message book.

Its quite cold here now although the days are fine. The ground has been covered with snow for more than a week.

Hope everyone is well and dodging the flu.



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