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Date: October 15th 1918

France October 15th 1918 My dearest Mamma, Just a few lines to let you know that I am in the very prime. But, how could any body not be, in such a glorious period of history? The Hun is very cheeky at times, but we are punishing him in due fashion. The weather is getting colder and we're having lots of rain, which makes it sort of rotten, as we're in a different place almost every night, being in close pursuit. Poor Bill Ballie was shelled shocked a few days ago. He had a very narrow escape, as the shell burst just a few feet from him. I was talking to him afterwards, and he was quite conscious, only shaking all over as though it were 100 degrees below zero. He has gone to the base for a few months. Another fellow, standing next to him was badly shelled shocked, bleeding from his nose and ears, and unconscious. We also had an Officer wounded the same night. Had a letter from Moorman[?] not long ago, from England. He had had 3 smashes, in one of which, he had broken his nose, but hopes soon to be dropping bombs on the enemy towns. Received a lovely box of candy and cake from one of our fellows on leave in England, today. Awfully decent of him when he is having such a good time. With the war as it is today, I figure this will be our last leave, and as I certainly want to see Paris, I've transferred my name from the Blighty to the Paris leave list. Should get away, about Nov.15th for 14 days. Intend to go also to Nice on the Mediterranean; Rouen, and Marseilles. The boys are coming back with glowing accounts of Paris and Nice. Had a long letter from Carl yesterday, in answer to mine, written after our first battle of Aug. 8th. I had to laugh when he said he had had it copied and sent to Aunt Laura, to forward to you. It was practically word for word with yours. He's full of war, isn't he? It's a terrible shame that he is too old. You hate to have me in this war, don't you? But you believe it's a fight for right and justice. Now, you know, Mamma, you'd feel awfully ashamed if you did not have one son, at least, to represent your family. Is that not so? I don't care what your answer is on paper, I know it's "Yes" in your heart. Write soon, Lots of Love for all, from your affectionate son, Bertie