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Date: March 19th 1919

Belgium March 19th, 1919 My dear Carl, Just this minute, received and read your letter of Feb. 28th and as I have the opportunity, I'll answer "on the double", as I always feel inspired, after reading the latest news. The first shock I received was that Herbert and family were leaving for B/does. I am awfully sorry as I won't see them until I return to NY. I can not possibly reach B/does before the beginning of August. And in your last letter, you speak of Great Britain demobilizing her armies too fast. You Nut! Germany couldn't hurt a fly at the present time. Yes, it's a damn shame that the US troops should be going home before us, but, we'll get there some time and then, so much greater the reward. Your good advice on "foreign girls" was very amusing!! I came over here to fight, not to look for a wife. But I'll tell you, the 2 nicest girls I ever met in my life are on this side of the Atlantic; and only "Superlative Superlative " attract "your Uncle Dudley". Don't know if I wrote you after my second trip to Paris, about 3 weeks ago. Returned yesterday from a 3-day pass to Brussels. Say, that is , without a doubt the fastest city in Europe. There's no night there. Should see my Brussels' doll --- 95%. We still do a thriving business at the YMCA canteen. Football, baseball, and other games are going every afternoon, but the boys are all getting fed up with this hanging around. It's a Bloody shame….we should have been in Canada long ago. About the photos; I want you to give one to Herbert, keep one, and send the other, taken at the Xmas dinner to Barbadoes. In the group of the Battery, you'll find me sitting on a wagon , if you look between the 2 men sitting on the limber of No.1 gun. (1st vehicle on the left as you look at it). Between them and a little to the rear you will see 3 men, one with moustache and 2 without. I'm the one on the right. I'm sitting on the limber of the Firing Battery of No.2 gun (Firing Battery follows its gun) The S.S. Imperator took returned troops to Vancouver, B.C., as she is going to do duty in the Pacific. Heard from home last week. They are all looking forward to the forthcoming visits. How about you taking a trip? Have just finished a diary of my experiences at the front. So shall read it to you and explain. Must quit now, have so many letters to write, am miles behind. Write soon again. Lots of love for Mabel and tell her I'm very sorry to hear she has been ill. Must be no sickness when I'm there !! Ever your affectionate brother, Bertie