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Date: April 9th 1944
Peter Biollo

April 9/44

My Dear Miriam:

I was pleased to hear from you again honey & I am pleased that you are so happy & contented. I hope you are fine these days. I presume you must be quite busy getting things together these days. I'm afraid honey that this letter isn't going to be very well written as I am very tired after flying so much lately & just don't have the patience or energy. Anyway dear I'll do my best. Boy Sis you sure must be in love they way you wrote those phrases in you letter, really they are a masterpiece. This lad of yours must be some guy. I sure wish I could get a lass you thought as much about me - ha - ha. Don't forget to send me a wedding picture. I sure want to have a good load at that wedding dress you are getting together yes Mimi dear I guess we didn't get along so well at times, but you try & tell me what brothers & sisters about the same age who did get along. You were stubborn - so was I, you were silly, so was I, it all boils down to the fact that we were both good, healthy, stubborn, & downright hearty kids & Canadian kids at that & doggone proud to be so too eh? No I didn't know Helen Reside at least I don't remember her, I remember the name tho. Yes honey I guess you are getting a little tired of the hospital especially now eh? I'm fine at present honey & still going strong. Say don't forget to send me a piece of your wedding cake now. It sure is nice over here at present Mimi, I sure hope it keeps up, lots of sun, warm winds - no clouds - that's a flyer's dream. All I need's a girl friend & I'll be darned if I can find one to suit me after 10 months over here too. Well I must hit the hay now dear, so Adios & god bless you in what ever you do. Loads of luck & plenty of mush. Your "big" bros. Pete.