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Date: December 2nd 1943
Peter Biollo

Dearest Mimi,

Hello big sister. I sure was glad to hear from you again. I hope you are getting your share of mail from me bye now. I love you honey & please don't get [?] crazy idea I've forgotten my big sis. I think your swell really! We all have little faults, but kick what a place this world would be if we didn't have something to liven it up & think about. Boy by all accounts you have some beau. Is he as handsome as me - ha - ha - ha. Boy you sure have been at the hospital a long time eh? How time does fly! Yes honey I think I will write to your L.A.C. [?] would be nice if you really want me to. So you want to know what it's like over here eh?

Well dearie, it's pretty lonely at times, it's beautiful [?]places, intriguingly ancient in some parts, plenty [?] & foggy, dark at nites - blackout, how I hate that, [?] all in all it's been & still is a great education [?] over here. I am on leave again & I'm writing you from my hotel in Edinborough, Scotland. [?] told you all about my last leave so I'll start [?] tell you about this one.

I'm on the 5th day of another 2 weeks leave. [?] is the loveliest & most Canadian place I've been to over here. I met Tom Bradshaw (with whom I used to go to school). This city is further north than Edmonton, but it is quite [?] at present, although I haven't seen the sun for weeks. I went on a city tour yesterday & visited [?] parts of the city including Edinborough [?] where Queen Mary of Scots lived, saw her bedroom & dressing room, dining hall, the King's rooms, it was all so intriguing, also visited [?] Knox's home the founder of Knox Church, visited the church Oliver Cromwell burnt down [?] the rooms where men where tortured & murdered. [?] all the armour they wore & the torture instruments. Boy I was in my glory. I saw as much [?] such interesting things that I could never tell it [?] in a letter. My 2 pals and I went to the Canadian [?] where we received invites to a big formal [?] put on by Lady Jamieson tonite, lots of [?] bugs will be there & boy am I going to show them what an ordinary runt can do. I've changed [?] lot honey I'm not shy anymore & I really get [?] there and put some life into it; at least I think I do ha-ha. Some people I meet are shocked [?] me at first cause I'm so outspoken, but they soon get over it. I may go up to the Aberdeen for [?] few days during this leave. I could give you [?] list a mile long of the places I've been and [?] hotels I've stayed at but who wants a list. [?] tell you all about it when I get home. Well Mimi I'm out of paper, so I'll close [?] & send you more news of this leave when [?] get back to camp o.k? I haven't seen or heard from Johnny lately. I guess he's busy [?] I was a while back. Bye now dear and loads of luck. Love from your brothah Pete.