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Date: June 18th 1944
Peter Biollo

June 18/44

Dearest Mimi:

Well honey, by now, you are Mrs. O'Donnel - a grand feeling eh? I sure am pleased that you & Jack are so happy & I hope that your married life will be a long & happy one. It seems funny or rather strange for me to say this, but I can only remember you as my young sis, but I know you will make a grand wife & mother. I only wish I could have been present at your wedding, but never mind you can come to mine & we'll make up for it then. Where are you going to live? Don't forget to tell me about your home & all those things honey, as it's so long since I've seen a nice home that I hardly recall what it's like. I got Mom's invitation to your wedding, real snappy eh?

I'm pretty well these days. We have a tough time on some of our "ops", but with the grace of God we have come thru o.k. so far. It's really not as much "fun" as some people think at home dearie, but it must be done & we are just the guys to do it. Anyway we feel we are doing something to make the world a better & safer place for all of you at home to live & bring your children up in & please God my own little rascals. This may read as all blood & thunder honey but it's really not as bad as all that. But it does get you down once in a while tho.

The weather over here is not at all as I would like it, but I've seen worse over here. It's quite windy as we are near the sea. It's funny how I used to like looking at big bodies of water, but we see so much of it from the air, we don't take any notice of it anymore. The meals here are bang on & so is my room & our mess itself is very good. The only bad part of it is the fact that we are so far form a city. We somehow overcame that obstacle at times & get into town for a dance or something. This is the first time for days that I've had a chance to write 4 letters & at last I got 4 written in one day. You said something about Jack remustering to Air crew. Well I'll just say this Mimi, it's no game of fun & adventure as it's made out to be & unless a person feels that's where he belongs & feels that's where he can best do his duty then I say stay out of aircrew. It's easy for me to say that of course because I'm single, but still there's a war on & it's got to be won. I won't offer any advice whatsoever on any querie of that sort because that's your business & not mine. The above statement is merely my own idea. Please give Jack my very best regards & congratulations honey & here's wishing you all of the very, very best.

Your proud & loving brother.