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Date: June 22nd 1943
Peter Biollo

June 22/43

Dearest Loved Ones:

Hello everyone, how are you? All fine I hope. I am tops & raring to go. I received your letters & pictures today. The pictures are swell & thanks a lot. I also got a letter from Edie today. So I am in good spirits. I haven't heard from Johnny as yet & I guess I won't see him here after all.

I'll bet you had a nice time at Banff - eh Mimi? I sure would liked to have been there. That is one place I have never been. Oh well maybe some day.

How is my little Rose? and Ray and Barbara? Gee I'll bet you're growing up eh what? Edie says your shy Ray. Come on now give her a big kiss for me & also give Mom & Dad & Barbara & all the girls a big kiss and hug.

Please give Hammy my congrats on his success in the exam. That's sure a fine start.

Is "our" garden still sprouting? I could sure go for some swell, fresh peas & corn etc. The weather here has been very poor lately & we had a blackout last nite. The airplanes put on a swell show just before dark. It was a grand reminder.

Cathy & John gave me a toilet kit holder. It sure is handy. It's too bad Gordie didn't finish I guess he would like to get into a transport drivers' job. He may get it now. Yes it is nice to have fellows around, whom I used to know in civilian life & Manning Pool. They keep coming in every day. A couple who were at I.I.S. with me came in the other day. We sure were surprised & glad to see each other. Your letter was very interesting Mimi and you sure did do well on your birthday - eh what? Yes Mom, I'll wash be-ind me ears.

Edie tells me all the good times she has at our place & it sure is nice of y'all. She really likes you all.

I haven't seen Joe lately. I guess he is kept rather busy. Well folks - I'm in the biggest hurry & have plenty to do. So I'll say bye-bye for now.

Please say hello to everyone for me. Please write as soon as possible. It's really nice to hear from y'all.

All my love to all of you & God bless & keep you.