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Date: August 3rd 1944

Aug. 3./44

Dear Mother.

I received 2 of your letters yesterday along with a couple from Marg & one from Gloria & a few other people. I answered Gloria & Margs & I am slowly but surely catching up. We have been hanging around here waiting to start flying for the last 4 days & resting up after a very enjoyable leave. I lost my fountain pen, the one you sent me but I leave hopes of recovering it, I still have the one I bought over here & it is writing O.K. now as you can see. I want to thank you again for the birthday parcel & card & also for sending my money in time. The weather has been about the same except it is cooler & quite damp lately & my cold is worse. I am going on sick parade tomorrow to see if I can get some treatment for it. Our summer over here so far has been a cross between a Canadian Nov. & April. Glad you are having warm weather over there. How about sending some over. Fred sure was lucky to get 20 dyas. A week at Bala would be heaven. When I come home I am going on a months holiday before I settle down. Then I am going to really settle down & educate myself. I am going to write Johnnys mother a letter & I will endeavour to write Auntie Winnie I don't quite know what to say. It is a very delicate subject & I don't know what to say.

I would like to see the kitten. I had a little pup at O.T.U.. I had to leave him behind but he sure was a cute little thing.

Well our new station is not bad. It is a long way from any town but its not bad. We have been split up, that is the 7 WAG'S who have stuck together so far 3 of them were sent to other stations.

I will try to explain about that Flight Sgt. It was due on the 20 of June. but it take 3 months or so for it to come through. But you get back pay to that date. It is about £2 a month.

I wrote Ella a letter & sent Marg pictures taken at A.F.U. I will send you some when I get some more developed. I hope You & Dad & the Family are in good health & good spirits. I guess everybody is all keyed up over there wondering when Germany will colapse. I be home soon Mother dear. Well goodbye for now. I'll write again soon. Give my love to the Family

Your loving Son. Norm.