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Date: October 17th 1918

Oct 17/18

Dearest Mother,

This being Thursday morning any my jonah day I haven't a word to say of the least interest except that my temperature is gradually climbing down and my cough cleared up. Last night I could not shove the mercury up beyond 99 which is only 6/10ths above normal and for the last week I have been monotonously steady in the morning at 98. Last night too I only coughed once during the night and it did not hurt. Before that I was actually afraid to cough. I still have a very slight pain in my chest but much better than before.

Every day when the wind is blowing in the right direction we see five or six ordinary balloons floating past and sometimes a sausage balloon standing like a sentinel. This morning there is a slight haze in the air so there is a big solid looking zeppelin flying low just above the roof tops.

Harold D-Hay was in to see me after five. He brot some grapes as big as small plums and stayed for an hour. He doesnot look too well but seems to be working hard and playing football & singing in some choir.
Miss Read comes in to see me about twice a week. She is very nice tho' not very interesting.

I have written for my kit but it has not arrived here yet. When it does I expect they will be pulling me out of bed.

Love to all & sundry

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