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Date: September 15th 1918


Dearest Mother.

Just two weeks tomorrow morning since I got hit and they are only just thinking of letting me go to England. In fact yesterday one of the Senior Sisters said I might go this afternoon if there was an evacuation.

It's a beautiful day & the sea is as calm as a pond. My bed is placed across a big double window and the window is open - so I really can see out - The fishing boats are lazily floating along waiting for a breeze and the sea is like a calico pony in shades of green - darker where the intermittent breeze has ruffled it. Down below on the narrow strip of land between the hospital & the edge of the cliff are crowded the overflow huts the german prisoner tents two roads with a narrow strip of grass between and a row of benches on which the convalescent privates in their bright blue hospital uniforms & red ties take sun & sea air baths.

There is hardly a pain to be found in my chest so you can see I am almost well again but Jimmie Kirk made 4 months out of the same wound & so shall I. I'll let you know as soon as I get settled just where I am.

Lovingly yours

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Original Scans