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Date: September 22nd 1918


Dearest Mother,

It is very discouraging, this business of fixing up a lung thats punctured. It reminds me of the tires on that second hand wheel Ethel bot for seven dollars when I was about seven years old. One day the tubes seem to be leaking mysteriously and filling up with something. Yesterday my temperature was normal all day. This evening he jumps up over 100 like a silly toy balloon.

Today I had two visitors - Mrs Read and her Daughter Dulcie. They brot a bit of relief from such continuous boredom. They tired me out on several match puzzles but I guess them all but one & that I solved a few minutes after they left and sent the solution to them immediately.

One of the patients is playing old favorites on the piano downstairs while the nurses dine. I am wondering if it is to entertain or it is to drown the noise - what say! -

Yesterday afternoon the hospital was nearly wrecked and the nurses all lost their heads & started running about like chicken without their heads all because a Major General from [?] walked in & required a bed & treatment for heart trouble and asthma. Everybody tried to undress him & put him to bed everyone got hot water bottles for him and they almost forgot to wash their patients or serve dinner until the Gen'l suggested that he could get along with a few less attendants and asked for a whisky & soda. We are all right not because he is an Irishman & a good sort.

I cable you yesterday morning again saying I am getting along well and telling you to address me care of Union Bank of which you have the address. This is the third time I have cabled but so far I have no word from you or anyone. This will be the last cable unless I get very bad.

I am simply dying to hear from some of you but suppose I shall have to wait for a couple of weeks now before any mail comes thru.

Well here is the dear little night sister - about five foot or less but straight as a rod and fearfully competent. She looks awfully well in her brown walking out [?]

With all sorts of love and best wishes

Your affect

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