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Date: February 12th 1942
C.N. Stewart
F.E. Jolliffe

Postal Censorship

Ottawa, February 12, 1942.

Mrs. C. N. Stewart,

73 Moss Street,

Victoria, B.C.

Dear Madam:

A "personal" parcel bearing your return address, addressed to -

Sgt. Fisher, Sydney Thomas

Can. Prisoner of War No. 9619

Stalag VIII B


has come to the attention of this office and has been allowed to go forward.

I am enclosing, for your information, a copy of the regulations concerning communication with Prisoners of War interned abroad which also contains regulations regarding the forwarding of "personal" parcels.

You may be interested to know that permits have been granted to the following firms whereby anyone, without restriction as to next of kin or frequency of mailing, may forward cigarettes and tobacco to Prisoners of War direct from the manufacturer:

The Imperial Tobacco Company - Montreal, Quebec

W. C. Macdonald Incorporated - Montreal, Quebec

L. O. Grothe, Limited - Montreal, Quebec

Rock City Tobacco Company - Quebec, Quebec

Tucketts Limited - Hamilton, Ontario

With reference to the sending of books, music, etc., (Article 23) to Prisoners of War, I am enclosing a list of firms who up to the present time have been granted permits to execute and despatch such orders.

Any further information in regard to the sending of either tobacco or books, music, etc., may be obtained by writing to one of the firms respectively listed.

I am also enclosing eight copies of our Form P/W 3 which are to be placed in each parcel, in duplicate, listing the contents.

The name of the country to which the parcel is being forwarded is to be written in on the line marked "Sent to".

Yours truly,

F. E. Jolliffe,

Chief Postal Censor.


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