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Date: July 1st 1942

Dear Mom. July 1. 1942

I was very pleased to receive new air-mail form last week - your of May 14 and 23, Jim's of May 4 and 18, and Brenda's two of May 12. Also ordinary mail - your March 24 and Brenda's April 14 and Mar. 23. I was really surprised to learn that I had a brother in law. From letters I could never make out if Brenda and Bob were really serious. Wish them all the happiness in the world from me and thanks for giving them a present for me. I received books and games from Brenda and am told there are others for me. Thank Mrs. Bunce and Mrs. Stickley for food parcels I received last week. I've received only six Canadian food parcels in Germany, the rest being English, so would appreciate one every month. You're really doing a swell job on parcels, Mom, and I really appreciate it. Thanks a million. All tins are punctured before we get them. Tell Mrs. Murray I am looking for a deserving fellow to get in touch with her. Books not as essential as at VIII B as there is good library here. Say hello to Doug and Mrs. Flintoff for me. I'm still in good health spending most of my time walking, reading and sun bathing but it does get monotonous. I certainly hope Victoria retains its peaceful reputation. Tell Jim sports news great. Lots of love to Brenda, Jim and Bob. Solong and tons of love,


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