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Date: May 25th 1945

May 25, 1945

Hello Mom - Here I am back in Bournemouth again after a brief spell of leave. Note the ink (courtesy B.C. House, Low). I got my personal [?] (or the remains) the day before I went on leave and my pen was one of the articles left. Pleased to say that my watch, in an Oxo tin wrapped in cotton was among them. Also my old bathing trunks. Maybe if the weather gets hot enough I'll christen them again in the warm (?) water of Bournemouth. Well, to get back to my leave I asked for 2 weeks but only used up 8 days of it. I went to London for 3 days, bought my uniform, saw some good shows (incl. Donald Ducks "Three Cabalbros which I'm going to see again sometime) but didn't paint the town red. An English paratrooper & I managed just a mild pink. I went to B.C. House, saw New. MacAdam's [?], Capt. Craig and was given the freedom of the place. They have a very nice lounge there, and serve good meals (also ice cream). After 3 days of London I'd had enough and hied off to Cheltenham, where I've been for the last 5 days, and I really had a wonderful time. Aunt Mabel, Uncle Frank, Mary & Jack and David went up to see Grandma Fisher. She's been very sick and had had to leave her home and live with relatives. She's very lonely, can't read or write and is in bed most of the time, in a room by her self. She asked me to ask you and Brenda to write to her, but says she can't write back, due to her eyes. She sends her love, and if you find time, drop her a line. Aunt Mabel is swell and nearly spoiled me with all her attention. They're really hospitable and I could have stayed there for months, but as usual, I got restless and left. I've got an urging for good old North America. I had supper with Mary & Jack, they're very happy and have really got a lovely home. David got an emergency 48 to come & see me and he & I got on swell together. He's a great for the boogie, like me. They all want to hear from you & Brenda, they're really great folks. Tomorrow I might find that there are some letters for me. I had to read some of your letters to the folks in Cheltenham to get the latest news. Good luck to Bob in his studies. Aunt Mabel is thrilled to be a great-aunt. Also me to be an uncle. Keep the garden growing because I'm going to make an awful hole in it when I get back. Must go to bed now, so adios for now

Lots of love, Syd.

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