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Date: October 7th 1942

Oct. 7, 1942

Dearest Mom - As you probably know there is a restriction on mail now. I can write only one letter and one card a month and receive four letters. Of course I had to get two Dec. letters in my quota along with one from Gr'ma Fisher & yours of Aug. 26 So Jim is working for the [?], sounds good. I hope he likes it. I guess Brenda has joined Bob by now. Glad to hear she's still as happy as ever. Rec'd food from Mrs. Can. June 16. Other food also rec'd, seven in store now. Rec'd big book parcel sent from Roy in July, with song sheets. Two food parcels a month quite sufficient now as Red Cross food stuffs coming in regularly. So don't bother to send more than a couple a month from now on. I was hungry last winter and probably stressed food too much but things are different now. Also don't send any more books outside of Book L. of America. We had practically no library at VIII B but here have a good one. I am very well off for clothing and need nothing in that line. Cigarettes are quite wasted as I don't smoke yet. You've done such a good job providing for me that you can relax now without a worry as I am very well off. Thank Mrs. Can and 7 [?] for me. Thanks a million Mom.

Love to Brenda, Jim and yourself.


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