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Date: May 6th 1914

May 6
Paddled up the Humber with Ed Tomkins, met Bill and Vera White up there. It started to rain and we came back and shot 5 games of pool in the new pool room at the Humber. I stuck Tommy for the whole five.

Received an increase of 5.00 per month at the end of July/14
Germany declared war on England, August 4, 1914. There are many nations involved and it promises to be the biggest war in history.

The sides:
France Germany
Russia Against Austria

Toronto is the scene of many activities, the local militia awaiting orders, and the crowds around the newspaper bulletins till far into the night. The majority of the principal cables in Europe are cut and, although there are six extras issued here daily, news is scarce. The city has been in an uproar for about a week and everyone is patiently awaiting news of the great sea battle that is reported to be going on in the North Sea.