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Date: October 1st 1916

Sunday October 1, 1916

To-day I am at "Divisional Rest Camp, Warboy." As I said on the previous page the Germans tried repeatedly to get our dug out with a shell where we had some stretcher cases. At last, Fritzie got a direct hit on the roof. Owing to it being an extra heavily timbered roof the shell did not burst inside. But it bashed the roof in and drove a beam down on my head, forced my front teeth out a bit and splintered all the front ones. After I had recovered myself, I ran out to a near-by dug out with three comrades, all of us dazed. After a bit, we went back and helped get the stretcher cases back 1 � miles to our batt'n doctor's dug-out at the bottom of a shell hole and then 30 feet under the ground. While sittng there in the dug out trying to eat something, tho' I had no appetite, I collapsed and cryed like a baby. I want to stay and help our brave stretcher-bearers out with the rest of the gallant fellows who were lying out in the front line, wounded, but a day, a night, and a day with nothing to eat, fighting or working continuously, with no sleep and at last, this crack on the head did me. So I went out with three other walking cases. We managed to walk overland, dodging German whiz-bangs all the time to the advanced dressing station on the chalk-pit road at Casualty corner 5 miles farther back. Here we got a ride to where I am now. So far, I am not doing bad. Out of the 4 battalions of the 4th Brigade of 3000 men, there is not over 250 left. Of our battalion about 35 are left. But even yet I heard that all that were left were ordered to charge forward again.