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Date: October 7th 1916

Saturday October 7, 1916

On the Red Cross train close by the big C.C.S. (Casualty Clearing Station) camp. I have been in this camp for three days and now expect to move out any moment. I may land at Albertville, Etaps, Boloungne, or even "Blighty." God grant that I may get to England for a while as my nerve is gone for a while. Every time I think of the front line experience I had, I turn violently sick at the stomach.

This train, I find is made up of converted side-door coaches from the North Eastern railway in England. The coaches are now vestibuled. The cars I can see into either way have been fitted with long padded seats along the sides, and a row of beds running the whole length of the coach. All we "walking" cases sit underneath the "stretcher" cases overhead. The whole interior is shining white enamel. On the train as in the Red Cross camps we have tea at 5:30 and supper at 7 p.m.