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Date: August 17th 1916

Thursday August 17, 1916

Well, well! A man can't tell whether it is daylight or dark for it is like living in a mine here. The bunk bottoms are a double thickness of chicken wire. The passage ways and bunks are all heavily timbered just like a mine. The walls and ceilings are covered with corrugated iron. The ceiling is held up with posts on each side and a double line of posts down the middle. On one side of the middle posts is the passage way; on the other side the bunks are built. Everything is dripping with moisture here. The main passage ways are muddy creeks (nearly). But it is safe and that is everything.

They have started to issue out rum every day now, besides the tobacco and cigarette issues. We are to be four days in this place in reserve. Then we spend four days in the support trenches; then 4 days in the firing line. By we I mean B Co. The four companies in the batt'n take turns in the different lines, - reserve, support or firing line.